Humble Beginnings
When Kiran Vaghashiya began cutting diamonds over 30 years ago, he saw in these amazing gemstones an unmistakable and undeniable value beyond anything else on the planet. Over the years, the family would eventually move to America and start sourcing beautiful diamonds all over the world. The value of these precious stones was never lost on Kiran as the business grew, and he shared this understanding with his son, Manav.

Adaptation and Innovation
After Kiran unexpectedly passed away in 2017, Manav was thrust into the business he’d never expected to inherit. Confidently taking the torch of inspiration from his father’s work, Manav approaches the industry with fresh eyes. Having pursued an education in astrophysics and engineering, Manav is able to bring his space-aged ideas to finish what his father started: creating a bold future for diamonds.

Clarity of Vision
To make diamonds a reliable value for modern consumers, Manav created Astra & Co. This is the embodiment of the value Manav saw that his father had for the diamond industry. Through innovation, transparency, and uncompromising service, Astra & Co. is recreating the industry for the next generation; putting trust back into diamonds.

The mission of Astra & Co. is to elevate the modern consumer so you can purchase diamonds with confidence using the same tech tools you use to purchase everything else—because you should trust your diamonds.

With our innovative Astra-Tech, proprietary apps, deep industry knowledge, and our Visual Verification®, Astra & Co. gives you the tools to Do Diamonds Differently.